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Fundraising with handmade Candles, Bath & Body Products.

Schools, Churches, Sports Teams

Reasons to Choose Us

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  • Reasonably priced, natural, handmade candles, bath & body products
  • Catalog & online sales
  • No upfront cost, minimum orders or shipping charges
  • Pre-sorting by team/participant
  • 40% of total sales
  • Groups of any size
  • Free board samples

Fundraising for all types of groups

Schools, Sports Teams, Charities & Nonprofits, Cheerleaders

A Successful Fundraiser

A unique assortment of items and fragrances for maximum sales.No upfront costs, superior products, greater percentage of profits.  

Southern Allure is with you all the way, ensuring success with your fundraiser.

  • Handmade candles and bath products
  • 100% soy wax candles.
  • Luxurious & decadent soaps.
  • Great gift ideas.
  •  Easy & profitable fundraising.

Easy Fundraiser

4 simple steps

Sign up

It’s easy to get started. Tell us about your organization, your start and end dates and we’ll send your fundraiser kit as soon as we verify your information.


Use our promotional materials and social media to attract participation in your fundraiser.

Take Orders

Get your team fired up and collecting orders from their friends, family and other contacts.


Send us your total order and we’ll pack your candles and ship them back in no time. You can then distribute them to your supporters.


Featured Products

Fundraising Products
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Soy candles, handmade using thirty of the finest fragrances available. Offered in three jar styles and tarts/melts

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Goats Milk, Shea Butter & Aloe Vera soaps.Available in luxury blends or scented only. Decadent

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Bath Salts

Relax & Pamper

Dead sea & Himalayan based salts blended with your favorite fragrance. Also available blended with flowers & other herbs.

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Salt Scrub


Dead sea salt and coconut oil mixture with vitamin E and your favorite body safe fragrance.

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Tarts /Melts

Flame-less luxury

Two pack tarts (6 mini tarts each) available in thirty delightful fragances.

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Body Butter

Smooth & Silky

Shea butter and Coconut oil blended smooth with your favorite fragrance or unscented.


Learn more about Southern Allure Fundraising for cheerleading teams, schools, churches

No Upfront Costs & 40% of Sales

Free shipping .

Southern Allure offers simple and profitable fundraising for organizations of all types. Schools, sports teams, churches cheer teams and other non-profits can all benefit from this #1 fundraising activity: Candles & Bath & Body. Not only are our products such as: candles, bath & body useful and beautiful for the home, they offer a much higher profit margin for your organization.

Ex: Sell a candy bar for $2.00 and keep 30%

To reach a $500 goal you would need to sell approximately 800 candy bars. To reach the same goal using our candle products would  require as little as 63 sales.




The fundraiser that keeps giving!

What if you could continue to receive money after your fundraiser ends?

We incent your customers to continue buying Southern Allure products, and the best part is that your organization will continue to receive money for those sales!


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Board Samples

We are happy to send you a sample package to help your board make an informed decision about using Southern Allure for your fundraiser. We’re sure that once you’ve seen what we have to offer you’ll be as excited as we are to get your campaign started.


Still have questions?  We’re happy to help. Fill out our quick contact form or call : 850-819-4736