School Fundraisers

We all want to be the teachers pet

Southern Allure fundraising understands that there are many fundraising companies to choose from. Some good, some not so much. Whoever you choose, we hope that you find fundraising success! Your efforts will enrich the lives of others and you need to fund those efforts well.

Here’s a few highlights of what we have to offer:

  • Reasonably priced, natural, handmade candles, bath & body products.
  • Catalog & online sales .
  • No upfront cost, minimum orders or shipping charges.
  • Pre-sorting by team/participant.
  • 40% of total sales.
  • Groups of any size.
school fundraisers

School fundraising

From elementary school to high school, and even college, the right fundraiser will help enrich your students’ experience. With field trips, class events, supplies, and equipment, schools need more support than any other group. The good news is that everyone loves to support their school.

The not-so-good news

Parents and faculty alike are tired of fundraisers that offer overpriced, inferior products. It’s clear that your supporters want quality.

So many options There are many fundraising options available for your school, which makes choosing a great fundraiser all the more difficult.

Choose Carefully

So, how do you choose the best school fundraiser ?

Try to think about the product that you want to sell as if you were a customer. Would you like to buy the item? Would you feel like you got something for your money?

Easy isn’t always better

Some fundraisers seem so easy, but the money raised might be a disappointment. Crowd funding was a “cool” new way to raise money with very little effort. But as it has grown in popularity, many report less than stellar results. Similarly, scratch cards had been trendy for a while but offer little value to those that purchase them and are now falling in popularity.

Successful Fundraising

Remember to keep these tips in mind to get the best results with your school fundraisers:

  • Friends and family are more likely to support your efforts when they understand what the funds will be used for. Educate your supporters about your plans.
  • Don’t run fundraiser campaigns too close together even if they are for different things. You don’t want to fatigue your supporters.
  • Enlist plenty of volunteers, successful fundraisers are run by many people all with different and specific jobs and talents.
  • Communicate with the friends, family and the team after your campaign to let them know how their support had a positive effect.

Featured Products

Fundraising Products
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Soy candles, handmade using thirty of the finest fragrances available. Offered in three jar styles and tarts/melts

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Goats Milk, Shea Butter & Aloe Vera soaps.Available in luxury blends or scented only. Decadent

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Bath Salts

Relax & Pamper

Dead sea & Himalayan based salts blended with your favorite fragrance. Also available blended with flowers & other herbs.

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Salt Scrub


Dead sea salt and coconut oil mixture with vitamin E and your favorite body safe fragrance.

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Tarts /Melts

Flame-less luxury

Two pack tarts (6 mini tarts each) available in thirty delightful fragances.

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Body Butter

Smooth & Silky

Shea butter and Coconut oil blended smooth with your favorite fragrance or unscented.

You’ve found it

Sometimes a search for the “right” fundraiser company seems like as much work as the fundraiser itself. You have gotten this far though, and we believe that you have found the right fundraising company.

Of course we would say that, but the success that we have achieved on behalf of other organizations speaks for itself.

Our fundraisers consistently outperform others. It’s simple really, we offer great quality products that everyone loves at a reasonable price. With the combination of online and catalog sales, we help you reach a larger audience. We take much of the hassle out of fundraising by pre-sorting orders by team/participant and  providing helpful tips, documents, and communication templates that you can use to engage potential customers.

We hope you agree that Southern Allure Fundraising just makes the most sense.

Board Samples

We are happy to send you a sample package to help your board make an informed decision about using Southern Allure for your fundraiser. We’re sure that once you’ve seen what we have to offer you’ll be as excited as we are to get your campaign started. Simply indicate that you want a sample pack sent when you fill out our registration form.

Our fundraisers make raising money for your organization fun & easy